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PDF Transcription Summary

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Exercises :

Stanley Randolph’s 1 to 5 Funk Pattern
REWIND! D’n’B Exercises_PART I – 1
REWIND! D’n’B Exercises – 4 Bar Patterns_PART I – 2
REWIND! D’n’B Exercises_Part II
High Hat Permutations – D’n’B Exercises
High Hat Permutations – D’n’B Exercises-2
Warm Ups – Triplet Independence -1
Warm Ups – Triplet Independence -2
Warmups – Single + Double Stroke Descending Rhythm
Modulation Exercise
Quintuplet Grooves

Grooves :

Hip Hop / Funk
Hip Hop + Neo Soul Grooves – Changing Space
Nate Smith – “Skip Step”
Funk Modulation – 4 bar AABA Forms
6 Famous Drum Breaks
The Roots – “Things Fall Apart”

Nitin Sawhney – Remix Grooves
Aphex Twin – Heliosphan
Aphex Twin – We Are the Music Makers

Drum and Bass
D’n’B Drum Grooves – Icicle / Roni Size / Shapeshifter / NOISIA
D’n’B Groove Modulation pt. I – Quarter Note Triplets
D’n’B Groove Modulation pt II – Quintuplets
Groove Modulation pt. III – Dotted Notes
D’n’B Beat Repeat / Hemiola
Jungle Syncopation

DYNAMITE! Dancehall Style

Triplet Metal Grooves – One Bar Exercises
6/8 Double Bass Drumming Exercises
Blast beats
Double Bass Drumming Coordination With Ted Reed’s Syncopation

Mr. Bill’s Grooves :

Mr Bill – URL
Mr. Bill’s Grooves – US Fall Tour
Mr. Bill 2016 Fall Tour – drum chart
Mr. Bill – Psyland Live Set 2017

Jazz :

Max Roach – “The Drum Also Waltzes”
Nate Smith – “Skip Step”
Mark Guiliana – “One Month”
Mark Guiliana – “One Month” Unison Rhythm

70’s Rock :

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell” Phil Rudd Drum Transcription
Black Sabbath – “War Pigs” Bill Ward Drum Transcription
Sweet – “The Ballroom Blitz” Mick Tucker Drum Transcription

Metal :

Deftones – “You’ve Seen The Butcher”
Fear Factory – “No One”

Solos :

Max Roach – “The Drum Also Waltzes”


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