Modulating Drum Licks

Triplets to 16th Note Patterns + Inverted Paradiddle-Diddle Orchestration. Advancing a stock pattern to develop solo concepts. The focus here is on re-configuring the paradiddle-diddle – RLRRLL or LRLLRR. The simple, familiar sticking pattern will be advanced by substituting the bass drum, switching between “rates” or note values (modulation), inverting the sticking by starting withContinue reading “Modulating Drum Licks”

DNB Groove Modulation Part I + Polyrhythm Exercise

The following groove exercises take 8th note drum and bass patterns and modulates the groove over quarter note triplets. Keep the metronome at 172bpm. You’ll feel the groove switch to a triplet feel, while the dance floor feels as if the tempo moves from 172bpm to 129bpm before the groove reverts back to the startContinue reading “DNB Groove Modulation Part I + Polyrhythm Exercise”

Warm Ups – Single & Double Stroke Descending Rhythm

This pattern was scribbled down in my practice notebook as one of my very first drum lessons. I still run through it on a practice pad back stage before a show as part of a stretch and warmup routine. Accent the first stroke of the bar, descending through 8 strokes down to 1. Make sureContinue reading “Warm Ups – Single & Double Stroke Descending Rhythm”