In Flames – Pinball Map

From the Swedish purveyors of “heavy metal hits” with drummer Daniel Svensson, Pinball Map is a classic syncopated In Flames banger. Clayman was the fifth album from In Flames. Released in 2000 on Nuclear Blast, it was an exciting follow up to the Whoracle and Colony albums, all of which were on high rotation inContinue reading “In Flames – Pinball Map”

Metal – Double Bass Drumming Coordination & Triplet Meter Grooves

The Following 4/4 triplet based groove exercises and 6/8 double bass exercises are valuable in developing precision, control and musicality in heavier double bass drumming situations. Downloadable PDF’s ; Triplet Metal Grooves – One Bar Exercises 6/8 Double Bass Drumming Exercises Double Bass Drumming Coordination – With Ted Reed’s “Syncopation” 4/4 Triplet Based Grooves, including halftimeContinue reading “Metal – Double Bass Drumming Coordination & Triplet Meter Grooves”