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  • Nate Smith – Skip Step

    Nate Smith – Skip Step

    Funk in 17/8. An of example of Nate Smith “finding the 4” in odd time signatures. An interpretation of the first released track from Nate Smith’s album, “Kinfolk : Postcards From Everywhere”. Every second bar has an extra quaver to the count, making the rhythm 4/4 and 9/8 repeated throughout the song. This can also…

  • Mark Guiliana – One Month

    Mark Guiliana – One Month

    One Month A great example of Mark Guiliana’s seemingly arbitrary rhythmic figures. I included the unison rhythmic figure as an additional sheet. Love the track. Buy the record, Family First, through Beat Music Productions 2015. Downloadable PDF’s ; Mark Guiliana – “One Month”Mark Guiliana – “One Month” – Unison Rhythm    For educational purposes only.

  • Max Roach – The Drum Also Waltzes

    Max Roach – The Drum Also Waltzes

    Transcription ~ Max Roach’s classic 3/4 solo. Here’s a transcription of Max Roach’s opening solo track from his 1965 Drums Unlimited album.  Played in 3/4 over a consistent foot ostinato, there are no repeats. Max plays a repeated motif but it also varies. The one bar foot pattern consists of the bass drum on ‘1’,…