Hip Hop & Neo Soul Grooves – Changing Space

An interpretation and analysis of the rhythmic “swank” of artists such as J Dilla, Questlove, D’Angelo and Chris “Daddy” Dave. Specifically, swing is referring to shifting normally evenly spaced notes to the first and third triplet partials. The idea of swing also refers to the fluidity of all beat subdivisions. Notes can be moved andContinue reading “Hip Hop & Neo Soul Grooves – Changing Space”

Stretching Beats – Funk Modulation // Quintuplet Beats & Exercises

These exercises use an AABA form in a 4 bar phrase, shifting gears from the 16th note funk beat to quarter note triplets, quintuplets and eighth note triplets. Check out drummers such as Nate Smith and Jojo Mayer using this to great effect. Downloadable PDF : Funk Modulation – 4 bar AABA Forms Further exercisesContinue reading “Stretching Beats – Funk Modulation // Quintuplet Beats & Exercises”

Nate Smith – “Skip Step”

Funk in 17/8. An of example of Nate Smith “finding the 4” in odd time signatures. An interpretation of the first released track from Nate Smith’s album, “Kinfolk : Postcards From Everywhere”. Every second bar has an extra quaver to the count, making the rhythm 4/4 and 9/8 repeated throughout the song. This can alsoContinue reading “Nate Smith – “Skip Step””

THE ROOTS – “Things Fall Apart” Grooves

A selection of Questlove’s grooves from a masterpiece hip hop record. The Roots were one of the first bands to draw me into hip hop. Still one of my all time favourite acts. Here’s a selection of grooves taken from the “Things Fall Apart” album. The track “Without a Doubt” is sampled from a SchoollyContinue reading “THE ROOTS – “Things Fall Apart” Grooves”