Mr. Bill’s Australian Winter 2017 tour, accompanied by Ryanosaurus and Bill’s side job, Electrocado, had us all take on Coffs Harbour, Airlie Beach, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra. Mr. Bill’s complete live set from our final show of the run, Psyland Festival, is up for download exclusively from Clyp. Features a shit load of remixes, VIP […]

An incredible tour with Mr. Bill through the USA and Canada has all wrapped up. Β 24000kms (15000 miles) on the road with an awesome crew taking on 30 shows from California to British Columbia, New York to Florida, Louisiana to Colorado all book ended in surreal fashion by time spent with Patrick Leonard in the […]

I recently played a few shows asΒ Mr. Bill’s drummer on his Australian “Corrective Scene Surgery” tour, complete with giant inflatabill and visual show. I transcribedΒ all the fundamental grooves for each track to make up a simplified chart to cover hisΒ 1.5 hour DJ set and assist in committing some often heavily syncopated patterns to memory. Here’s […]

I was put onto Nitin Sawhney’s music when Kobra Kai was starting out, when we were still mixing some eastern sounds with different UK style dance beats. These grooves were scribbled out amongst my notes from this period, They’re some cool examples of garage / 2 step style UK grooves backing up some awesome songwriting […]

These are Jungle grooves repeated in the consecutive bar/s as a mirrored image – played in reverse. They’re a good variation on any looped beat you’ve been sitting on and a good exercise in shifting the backbeat off the β€˜2’ and β€˜4’ and moving the accents around the bar like a cut up sample. Note: […]