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In Flames – Pinball Map

From the Swedish purveyors of “heavy metal hits” with drummer Daniel Svensson, Pinball Map is a classic syncopated In Flames banger. Clayman was the fifth album from In Flames. Released in 2000 on Nuclear Blast, it was an exciting follow up to the Whoracle and Colony albums, all of which were on high rotation in […]

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Aphex Twin – Ambient Works Drumset Interpretations

Aphex Twin’s Heliosphan and We Are the Music Makers – Interpretations for the drumset. Aphex Twins Ambient Works album is a masterpiece. The recording quality could be described as shit, apparently it was recorded onto a cassette damaged by a cat. It doesn’t matter when the melodic components are as tasteful as this. The album […]

Modulating Drum Licks

Triplets to 16th Note Patterns + Inverted Paradiddle-Diddle Orchestration. Advancing a stock pattern to develop solo concepts. The focus here is on re-configuring the paradiddle-diddle – RLRRLL or LRLLRR. The simple, familiar sticking pattern will be advanced by substituting the bass drum, switching between “rates” or note values (modulation), inverting the sticking by starting with […]

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Black Sabbath – War Pigs

Jazz roots and power – Bill Ward was a pioneer of heavy drumming. While metal drumming today is typically a rigid, straight, aggressive onslaught , Bill in comparison had a unique free flowing groove. He grew up listening to big band drummers of the 1940’s and based his drum sound off Gene Krupa and Buddy […]


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