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Stretching Beats – Funk Modulation // Quintuplet Beats & Exercises

These exercises use an AABA form in a 4 bar phrase, shifting gears from the 16th note funk beat to quarter note triplets, quintuplets and eighth note triplets. Check out drummers such as Nate Smith and Jojo Mayer using this to great effect.

Downloadable PDF :

Funk Modulation – 4 bar AABA Forms

Further exercises in playing with 5’s :

Quintuplet Grooves

jojo mayer dnb drums polyrhythms modulation drum and bass drumming nate smith time changes

Read through and apply the modulation to any old beats. The below example uses the half note triplet as the new quarter note :

Funk metric modulation drum lessons Gary Mcdonald The drummers Vade Mecum
(16th note rock and funk grooves from Gary Mcdonald’s “The Drummers Vade Mecum”)

Transcriptions for Educational Purposes

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  1. Katie Marie Avatar
    Katie Marie

    So glad I stumbled across your blog! 🙂 I’ve downloaded a few charts already and can’t wait to try some stuff out….thanks so much!

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