Mr. Bill live drums URL transcription

Mr. Bill – “URL”

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Drum transcription of Mr. Bill’s heavy shuffle – “URL”.

I recently played a few shows as Mr. Bill’s drummer on his Australian “Corrective Scene Surgery” tour, complete with giant inflatabill and visual show. I transcribed all the fundamental grooves for each track to make up a simplified chart to cover his 1.5 hour DJ set and assist in committing some often heavily syncopated patterns to memory. Here’s one of those tracks from the set, “URL”, which I have transcribed here in more detail.

The main feature of the track is the big synth accents that run throughout the song, so I included the rhythm of this part as the top instrument staff, while the drumkit parts are all on the lower staff.

The drop features the meanest shuffle groove! There’s a dominant sampled kick drum that lands on the synth accents, as well as a more subtle acoustic kick drum, probably programmed out of Superior Drummer that plays on the end of the triplets. Practice playing the dynamic variation between the accents and the ghost notes on the kick drum. Yeah, it’s mean right!?

Also pay attention to the fills in the intro. I played the 16th note triplets as double strokes as they glide into the quarter note triplets. Careful where the fills finish on the end of beat 3, locking in with the accents on the top staff.

I’ll put up more of these in the coming weeks or months. There’s a barrel of cool swinging glitch hop grooves, 2-step / garage style syncopation, trap / dubstep and drum n bass business.

Check out Mr. Bill’s Tunes, for “Hardcore Abletoneers”.

Downloadable PDF ;

Mr. Bill – “URL”

Mr Bill Drums   Mr Bill Drums

Mr Bill Drums   Mr Bill Drums


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